History and Mission

Our Josephite Heritage

The College was officially opened as a day school in 1964 by the Sisters of St. Joseph and was first known as Mt. St. Joseph’s Students Secondary School. In 1970 the name was changed to Corpus Christi College to avoid confusion with other schools in the area. In 2009, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mary MacKillop's death and canonisation, the Sisters of St Joseph renamed the College, Mary MacKillop College.
The Sisters of St. Joseph are a Religious Order founded in Australia in 1866 by our first Australian Saint, Mary MacKillop. In keeping with the spirit of the foundress, Josephite schools continue to have a strong emphasis on faith, community and pastoral care as well as on an education suited to the needs of today.
Today the College has an enrolment of approximately 530 and its students are drawn from a wide range of Brisbane suburbs. The school caters for girls in Years 7 to 12 and has a teaching staff of 45.
   1960s Classroom                                                                           2015 Classroom


Mary MacKillop College is founded on the traditions of Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph who promote:
 • The dignity of each person
 • Equality of opportunity and
 • Great trust in God
The College responds to the call of Jesus to spread the Good News and does so in its educational mission.
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