Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Mary MacKillop College  - a great place for young women to learn!  Girls in Year 7 - 12 enjoy a diverse and innovative curriculum in a Catholic school where the teachers are dedicated to giving their all for the benefit of the students.

Students and staff alike love being at Mary MacKillop College.  There is a strong sense of shared purpose.  It's a faith-filled and hope-filled place.  It's a place of warm and friendly welcome.  In the playground, in the classrooms and along the verandahs I am constantly greeted by inquisitive, enthusiastic young women eager to listen, to share, to learn.

We believe in the growth potential of each and every one of our students.  We are deliberately smaller than the other girls’ schools on the north side of Brisbane and this means our girls don't get lost in the crowd.  Behind each young face is a special story we seek to know, celebrate and extend.

Expectations are high at Mary MacKillop College.  Learning excellence is evident in great results across all year levels.  Learning progress is tracked for each student in a comprehensive process of goal setting, review and support.  Students have access to diverse learning enrichment opportunities including university short courses, vocational courses, master classes, national and international competitions and assessments.

Student initiative and leadership is nurtured and encouraged.  Action and advocacy for social justice is integral to the life of the College.  Music, art, drama and sporting activities abound.  There are multiple camps, tours and expeditions on offer.  Up-to-date, high-class spaces and facilities span the campus.

Inspired by the life and spirit of Australia's first Saint, the young women of Mary MacKillop College learn what it is to live principled lives - lives characterised by a passion for justice, deep integrity and compassion.

We hope you enjoy learning about Mary MacKillop College as you browse our website.  Don't hesitate to give us a call or email if you need to know more.


Christine Clarke, Principal