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Mary MacKillop College, a Catholic Girls' Secondary College situated at Nundah, is committed to excellence in education for young women. The College, founded by the Sisters of St Joseph caters for the diversity of needs of young women by providing an education that realizes the dream of Mary MacKillop - true education resides in the hearts, minds and strengths of each person as they journey to wholeness. The College has approximately 500 students and will remain a middle sized school so that the intimacy of each student being known and recognised as particular gift will always be a key facet of the school's character.

As a Catholic school for young women, the community is committed to the learning and spirit of woman. The curriculum, spirituality, artistic and scholastic expression, relationships, culture, planning for the future and living of life now all give credence to feminine visions and capacities.

In keeping with the spirit of Mary MacKillop, founder of the Order of the Sisters of St Joseph, the College continues to have a strong emphasis on faith, community and pastoral care as well as on an education suited to the needs of the times. Mary MacKillop College aims to provide the environment, the resources and the freedom for each young women to grow towards her full potential in all aspects of her life, whether intellectual, physical, social or spiritual. It aims to help prepare young women to take their places in the world proudly and confidently and to lead them to an awareness of all the options the world has to offer.

Mary MacKillop College is at the forefront of curriculum development with programmes attuned to the individual needs of students. The College is committed to the implementation of a Middle School Curriculum so that students can make an easy transition from primary school to secondary school.

The College seeks to immerse students in the knowledge, practices and dispositions necessary to operate effectively in information rich environments. Students are provided with a computer as part of the College's one-to-one laptop program and are engaged in the transformation of data to information, information to knowledge and knowledge to wisdom in all areas of the curriculum.

In addition to the range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that form part of the normal school life, the College offers a number of extended opportunities in university studies, work placements, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships. Students are able to awaken their potential, explore the richness of life's opportunities and confront issues through the College's Learning and Enrichment Faculty, Career Advisor and Counsellor.

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