World Science Festival

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A group of Year 10 MacKillop Women were recently given the opportunity to participate in the World Science Festival at Southbank.  Students were fortunate to participate in three inspirational sessions that consolidated our students' understanding of key scientific concepts and provides our students with invaluable insights into the value of Science in our lives:

Session 1: 'The Circle of Life'

Three of the world's leading biologists took students on a journey to outline the most basic forms of life in the universe and how, through,    the circle of life, they were connected to the most complex example of life ever known…us. 

Session 2: 'Girls in Tech' 

MacKillop Women were fortunate to meet local Brisbane schoolgirls who identified a real-world problem and solved it using technology. These young girls shared their experiences about you problem-solving process and how they went about creating their apps.

Session 3: 'Pioneers in Science' 

A line-up of the best and brightest scientists shared with our students how they got to where they are now in their chosen profession, new methods of discovery they pioneered, and secrets of the universe they have uncovered. 


Below Year 10 future scientists share with us insights and describe the impact this excursion had on their learning:

I learned quite a lot about the Earth. One of the main things that especially caught me off guard was the knowledge that at many stages throughout history over 50% of Earth's population was wiped out and the Earth was frozen over (Snowball Earth) for many years! – Millie Molloy

In this session I learnt about many different aspects of biology including, the earth's existence, animals and human beings. I learnt many amazing facts including how bacteria is the most complex molecule on earth, humanity moved from the continent of Africa over two hundred thousand years ago, evolving from an ape-like ancestor from the primate family tree, and that chimpanzees have 98.8% of the same DNA as humans as well as a dog with 80% and a banana with 60%. I also learnt how to extract DNA from different organisms such as strawberries and ourselves using just water, salt, dishwashing detergent and rubbing alcohol. – Lilly Hallett

During the 'Girls in Technology' session, we heard from two young women who shared their technological journey with us and who gained their initial inspiration from the Girls in Tech program. They taught us that there are so many branches of technology and that it can help us in so many different ways.- Neeve Sutton

This session opened my eyes to the more complex side of science and the inspirational stories that went with it. It showed me that I don't have to know what I want to do with my life straight away. I found it really cool to see a Nobel prize winner and see how they got to where they are today. This session educated me about the many different pathways an education has to offer. Overall, I found the trip very useful, fun and exciting! I would definitely go again if I was given the opportunity! – Ella Baxter

During the second session 'Girls in Technology' we listened to inspiring Brisbane schoolgirls who identified a real-world problem and solved it using technology. They explained their problem-solving process and how they went about creating their apps. It was so amazing and inspiring as how their winning apps were able to reach huge US-based tech companies like Facebook, Accenture and eBay. 'Girls in Tech' is basically a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology. – Isha Reddy