Funds for a Farmer


Inspired by Year 7 students Zoe Coogan and Jessica Fioravanti, the Junior Joeys for Justice students hosted a “Funds for Famers Day" last Friday 30 August to raise funds for Drought Angels. Our Junior Joeys for Justice students in Years 7 and 8 held a bake sale and sausage sizzle, collecting over $1500 to contribute to famers in need.

Special thanks are extended to the students, families and staff in our community who made donations and contributed baked goods. A special mention to Brianna West and Brianna O'Halloran (Year 8) who heard of this great initiative and baked over 200 items to contribute.

Our Junior Joeys are Maddie Dickie, Isabella Thiedeke, Ava Macbeth, Indie Condon, Zoe Coogan, Jessica Fioravanti, Lilly Hallet, Hasrat Kaur, Grace Colonas, Luigina Castellano, Kate Kindleysides, Aurora Kemp, Anastasia Harris, Ama Sam, Elizabeth Beasley and Adjoa Sam