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 Ordination of Auxiliary Bishop Ken Howell

Mia Dwyer, Poppy Clements, Paris Singleton and I joined students and staff from other schools as part of the congregation for the ordination of Auxiliary Bishop Ken Howell at St Stephen’s Cathedral on June 14.

It was interesting to see the process involved with becoming a bishop and it made me feel part of the church community. Poppy Clements

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew this was going to be a big event as a Bishop isn’t ordained every week! The smell of incense filled the Cathedral to cleanse the holy space. As the choir sang, many of the Bishops of Australia gathered to walk down the aisle to welcome Kenneth Howell. The gifts of the book of the gospels, a holy ring and a pastoral staff were presented to Bishop Howell. Paris Singleton

Attending the ordination of a Bishop was a fascinating learning experience. I got to witness one of Bishop Kenneth’s happiest moments. It was very heart warming, as well as intriguing, to learn how you would become a Bishop in the Catholic Church and the meaning behind it. Mia Dwyer