MMC Conversations


Increased collaboration for deeper learning has been a key achievement by our various staff teams during this term. The move to online learning necessitated an enormous amount of planning in a very short period of time. As a result, new ways of collaborative working emerged and may of those have become part of our way of working.  Feedback to inform improvements in the way we do things, to inject new ideas, to deepen learning, is vital to our continuing to give our MacKillop Women the best possible education.  The voice of families, staff and students is vital to the life and spirit of Mary MacKillop College. Some notable recent and upcoming conversations/feedback include:


  • Family, staff and student feedback re COVID-19 learnings to take forward.  All of this data has been synthesised by a staff team of middle leaders. It has been presented at a Middle Leaders Collaborative. It will be shared with staff for further comment/input on Friday.
  • Staff feedback for Middle Leader appraisal. Feedback has been shared with Middle Leaders who are just completing their individual self-reflections.
  • Mission. Vision. Values. Community feedback has been synthesised by a team facilitated by Assistant Principal Religious Education and Mission, Ms Carly Richardson. The team meets again next week and will shortly have some drafts ready for further feedback/tweaking by the College community.
  • Student Leadership. Deputy Principal, Mrs Tracey Williamson, facilitated a conversation with the 2020 Student Leadership Team seeking ideas to enhance student leadership at the College. Staff have now been invited to a round table conversation on the same topic next week.
  • Celebration of Excellence 2020. The extraordinary nature of 2020 necessitates the rethink of aspects of this year's event. Staff have been involved in a round table think tank this week.
  • BCE Strategic Plan 2021+ Some Year 8 students and the College Leadership Team had a conversation last week with BCE Strategy and Performance Executive, Ms Balveen Ajimal and BCE Senior Leader, Mrs Vyv Menegon, about possibilities for BCE over the next five years. Further input will be invited from our community next term.
  • Staff Wellbeing. Mrs Tracey Williamson and a group of middle leaders have started a conversation about short term and strategic approaches to staff wellbeing. A Staff Care plan is being drafted. More to come.
  • Diversity and inclusion. Staff, including the College Leadership Team, had a lunchtime conversation with students concerned about 'casual racism' and how to express their identity. The BLM lunchtime silence was an immediate outcome. The conversation continues.
  • Uniform. Work is well underway on a pants/trousers option. Deputy Principal, Mrs Tracey Williamson, has consulted with the Student Leadership Team. Further samples are being prepared by our manufacturer. Community consultation will follow for implementation in 2022. 
  • SET Planning. All students of Year 10 are immersed in a detailed process of planning for their Year 11 and 12 learning (Senior Education and Training). Conversations with individual students, families and College personnel are underway.

Dialogue and encounter are at the heart of our 2020 focus at Mary MacKillop College. When we come together to mull over ideas new possibilities emerge. The list above is just a starting point. What else should we be talking about? Let your ideas be known by making contact with the College. Encourage your daughter to open up the conversation with her House Group teacher or other teachers. We can decide together where to go from there.