MMC Science Students host visiting Geophysicist


Recently, the Mary MacKillop College Science Department was lucky enough to spend time with Geophysicist Robin Owens, PhD. Dr Owens is currently a senior member of the international oil and gas company, Repsol, a position that takes him around the world. During his time with us, Dr Owens shared his journey of both his life and his learnings that have seen him travel the world. 

From growing up in the United Kingdom and following his passion and curiosity through the study of science (physics and then geophysics), Dr Owens has spent time living and working in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, the Caribbean and the Middle East finding and exploring oilfields. 

Hearing about his work and journeys from Alaska to Zimbabwe gave us an insight into, not only the role of science within oil exploration, but the broad range of scientific disciplines that have helped him throughout the years. The entertaining physicist left the girls with an amusing account and wise words to assist them in their futures. We thank Dr Owens for his time and willingness to share his journey with us.