Touching Country Immersion 2019


In 2019, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are invited to join students and staff from Clairvaux MacKillop and Our Lady's College on the Touching Country Pilgrimage through Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Details are outlined below:

It will change the way you see Australia and its people.

Are you interested in being part of this life-changing experience of cultural exchange which will broaden your horizon, build your capacity for understanding differences, help you to think critically about the world, and grow within you a sense of gratitude for your own life in Australia?  In the first week, we visit Catholic Schools in the East Kimberley, as well as spending time walking with the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  The Sisters have been living and accompanying the people in this region since 1964, supporting and encouraging their process of self-determination. Their untiring effort to give care, dignity, and opportunity to others is inspirational.  We are privileged to spend time with them and to be a witness to their endeavours.

While the students may contribute to the lives of people who struggle for survival on a daily basis, our focus is about supporting these amazing women in their work, and the relationships built between the Sisters and the students are rich and joy-filled.