Imagine a Sense of Wholeness

​​​​​​​Imagine painting.jpg

Sister Colleen Keeble (RSJ) invites us to imagine what it means to feel whole. Wholiness can be defined in the following way:

“Full inside rather than empty; peaceful rather than anxious; worthy and lovable rather than unworthy and unlovable; generous rather than greedy, loving rather than needy; happy rather than miserable; at one rather than separate; inwardly powerful rather than victimised; secure rather than insecure; trusting rather than fearful; capable of giving rather than being self-absorbed" (Keeble, C. 2010)

As we commenced the school year each member of staff participated in a Spirituality Day at the State Library and Gallery of Modern Art, inviting them to explore the concept of spirituality and wholeness through Art, Prayer and Music. Some of the key themes from the day that will be a focus for our staff in 2019 include:

Relationships with other people form the spiritual web of our lives. According to many religious traditions, our deepest values are expressed through these bonds we develop in relationships" (Brussat, 1998)

A theatrical stage, a movie screen, a dancer's floor, and a painter's canvas are all empty spaces where the imagination can contact the infinite. Insofar as it is empty, all art is religious" (Moore, 2002)

Spirituality doesn't grow like a flower; rather, it comes into being like a temple or an illuminated manuscript, through hard work, imagination and skill" (Brussat, 1998)

Mary MacKillop herself is described as a model of wholiness – a woman who was comfortable in her own skin as she lived her life in union with God in trust and love. We as a community continue to pray that her life of wholiness will inspire many people throughout the world to strive towards that same holiness. Our hope in this year, as we have the “Power to Imagine", is that each member of our community will experience a sense of “wholeness" through the breadth of opportunities they experience as a member of Mary MacKillop College. ​