Funds For Farmers Day


T​he Brisbane Catholic Education Shape Paper (2015) describes the Catholic school of the future, in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, as one that would:

• be a place of quality learning and teaching.

• continue to act in partnership with families.

• provide an authentic experience of Catholic Christian community.

• be experienced as a community of care. (BCE, 2001, p. 15).

Last week our Year 8 students showed that we, as a community, are a Catholic school of the future. This term, students in Year 8 Religious Education, have been learning about cardinal virtues and Catholic social teachings and were asked to use their understanding of these concepts to design an activity to raise funds or awareness for those experiencing drought.

The results were amazing, with our Plaza filled with activities, stalls and experiences that reminded us of the call to give a hand up, not simply a handout. The total profit from the day was over $2000, and thanks is given to each Year 8 student and their families, together with Mrs Kaye Jeffrey, Mr Troy Bullock, Mr Dennis Walsh, Mrs Glenda Bassa and Mrs Mandy Crossan for their contributions.

During the last 3 months, Year 8 student Luigina Castellano, has been running a Containers for Change drive, collecting bottles from the College grounds and bins to recycle. With support from her family, Luigina was able to collect 2284 bottles from our College and has donated a further $228.40 to the drought appeal.

With the profits from Penola Day added to this total, Mary MacKillop College will be donating just over $3000 divided amongst the following charities: Drought Angels, Buy a Bale, Rural Aid and Aussie Helpers.​