Year 7 Physical Challenge

7PC1 (Small).jpg

Last week our Year 7 students attended the Kindilan Outdoor Education Centre for their Physical Challenge. Despite the overcast skies and muddy conditions this was a wonderful day. Students spent the day abseiling, gliding, canoeing and problem solving in teams, as part of their Year 7 transition program. The focus of this day was to develop communication and problem-solving skills, enhance team work and allow students to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. All students were able to achieve success thanks to their instructors and teachers, Ms Carly Richardson, Ms Andrea Hickey, Mr Brendan Styles, Mrs Catriona Duff, Mrs Jenny Byrne, Mrs Rebecca Hunt and Ms Liz Casey. 

Such opportunities are important for the holistic development of our students and for allowing them to step outside of their comfort zones in order to discover their true capabilities.