Year of Youth Forum

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Students from Mary MacKillop College recently attend the Year of Youth Year 11 and 12 Q & A Follow-up: Delving Deeper hosted by Brisbane Catholic Education. This Q & A was aimed specifically at giving voice to the richness and depth of Catholic perspectives that underpin Church teachings, positions and traditions on the role of women in the Church, relationships, sex and sexuality.

Year 12 student Iszabel Autor delivered an address about the inspiration of Saint Mary MacKillop on the role of women in the Church. We congratulate Isabel on this address and below is an extract from her speech:

“We are all but travellers here," wise words made by Mary Mackillop herself. Mary Mackillop, the first saint of Australia paved the way for the modernisation of the catholic church and the role of women within it. She is an inspiration for many including myself. As we know, for several decades, Mary trudged along various dusty dirt roads in her habit, spreading her charisma, continually disturbing and leaving a mark everywhere she went, especially on people's hearts – qualities which are timeless to this day.

Mary's enigmatic charisma is a part of her that can inspire us all. Through her charisma she was able to capture the hearts of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the society. Mary inspires us to be more like Jesus. One of Mary's most remarkable qualities was that she was able to give back to the marginalised through the gift of time. Quality time within our fast-paced society has become so hard to find, yet Mary's effort to listen to others, no matter who they were, to learn and grow from them and their experiences allowed her to give back to the community on a larger scale. Her ability to give time to others was an attribute that became instilled within her identity. Mary inspires me to pursue my life's purpose, to make my own personal mark- big or small".