Seniors Graduate

We have been gifted with this one utterly glorious life to give it everything we've got and then some.

This is the key message I shared with our Year 12 graduating class of 2017. 

Their hope-filled, Christ-like life, is symbolically represented by the feminine cross of resurrection. This cross is present in every classroom, every meeting room, every gathering space at Mary MacKillop College.

MacKillop Women of Year 12, 2017 - take a gentle gaze at the cross. As you do so know that you are looking at a representation of yourself. An inspiring woman. A woman of purpose. A compassionate woman. A woman ready to embrace new possibilities. A woman who has been educated in the MacKillop way: who has the courage to stand for what is right; who knows that challenges come along only to be overcome; who is forever open to loving, learning and becoming more. “Have courage. Love one another and help one another." (Mary MacKillop)

You are inspiring MacKillop Women. And, you have been gifted with this one utterly glorious life – give it everything you've got and then some!  Bless you! (Principal, Mrs Christine Clarke, Yr 12 Graduation 2017)