MMC Building Projects

MacKillop Plaza.jpg​​​​​

Mary MacKillop College continues to be in a growth phase. We are master planned as a four stream college with a maximum enrolment of c.700 students by 2022. Our 2020 enrolment of 610 represents a significant increase from previous years. Conservatively, we are predicting 654 for 2021. We remain committed to providing an excellent, holistic MacKillop education in a mid-sized school.

We have an immediate need for additional general/flexible classroom space. At our full capacity, we require an extra seven such spaces. Our Master Plan, available on the College website, indicates a building to be constructed on the corner of Bage St and Buckland Rd. This is to be our first project shortly to be followed by a significant upgrade to the Josephite Cultural Centre.

As an interim measure we need to install four temporary classrooms behind Fitzroy in Donkin St. These are scheduled to be installed in December this year and remain in place until the new building comes online.

Deicke Richards have been appointed architects for our upcoming building projects.  They have begun the process of preparing a Development Application to be submitted early in Term 3. The DA will include both the new building and the temporary classrooms. Various consultants will be on site from time to time over the coming weeks.

It is our hope to secure BGA/government funding for the classrooms and some associated infrastructure. This would leave us in a position to self-fund a significant upgrade of the hall and to undertake some other smaller projects across the campus.  The government requirements for funding are very specific. As a result, it is necessary for us to design spaces a little differently from some things detailed in the master plan.  The intent and core principles remain unchanged.