Brett Lee Internet Safety Presentation for MMC Parents

Brett Lee.jpg​​​​​

We are very pleased to offer our parents an online experience with Brett Lee, one of Australia's most recognised and experienced cyber safety experts. 

Brett will be delivering strong messages to our Year 7 and 8 students in their year level assembly on 3rd November and will also present to staff at our Staff Collaborative that afternoon.   At 6pm on Tuesday 3rd November, Brett will present (online) to our parents.  This is a fantastic learning opportunity for our parents to keep abreast of the ever changing cyber world. Be sure to save the date!  Details about how to register will come very soon.  Please find some details about Brett Lee below.

The unique quality and aspects of Internet Safe Education's approach are a result of the experience of former detective Brett Lee who worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of which as a detective in the field of Child Exploitation. Brett has been personally involved with the interview, location, arrest and prosecution of hundreds of online criminals and predators. Nobody else in Australia can offer programs with this level of credibility or insight whereby the learning outcomes can not be denied.

In his investigative role, Brett spent years and thousands of hours using the internet under the guise of fictitious children and adults, both male and female. This unprecedented view of the online world enables Brett to view the cyber world through the eyes of a child yet stand back and process this experience with the mind of an adult.

This knowledge has been formulated into clear learning messages within our training programs and presentations. The world behind the screen is revealed like never before, normalising the basic yet essential outcomes.