MMC Music Showcase

Music Showcase.png


The Semester One Music Showcase will be held on Thursday 13th May.

Over the next few weeks, to celebrate this event, we will be featuring our MMC Music Tutors and acknowledging their contributions to Music at MMC.


Vanessa Strydom

Vanessa is a highly accomplished singing teacher, with a Bachelor of Music degree (specialising in opera performance) and is currently in her final stages of a PhD in Musicology at The University of Queensland where she also lectures in classical music history.

With over nine years of private vocal tuition experience, Vanessa enjoys teaching all styles and genres to people of all ages. She specialises in performance preparation, in particular helping students to overcome nerves to create an enjoyable performance.

Vanessa joined the MMC Music Department in 2020 and thoroughly enjoys teaching MacKillop Women, noting the talent, passion and creativity she has unearthed.

Musically, Vanessa believes MMC students possess a solid foundation of musical concepts provided by their classroom music lessons, enabling her to value-add to the students' repertoire and integrate complex skills into their singing practice.

Throughout her time at MMC, Vanessa has enabled students to improve their vocal range, gain confidence and explore a variety of music genres. Each semester, Vanessa provides students with the opportunity to professionally record a vocal piece and she is grateful for numerous performance opportunities available for private music students at MMC.