The Year 11 Drama class last week presented their last performance assessment task for the year and had a fabulous experience in doing so!

Within a time frame of only three weeks, the pressure was on for students to shape extracts from William Shakespeare's great tragedy “Macbeth" into a contemporary performance with re-contextualisation and interpretation.

The girls worked diligently on making artistic choices including costumes, lighting, music and sound effects. They also had to block their movement, learn lines and provide sufficient analysis as presented in their written prompt book to support all their choices.

The final group performance was a credit to the Year 11 Drama class and was appreciated by their parent audience.

What a successful “Shakespearience" we all had as a result of the commendable effort from these wonderful students!

Caption: Megan Charlouis as MACBETH and Willow Kohn as BANQUO.

Caption: Tiffany Visser, Alyssa Mewburn and Bailey Maujean as the three WITCHES in “Macbeth".