MMC Artist Receives an Honourable Mention in 2020 Young Archies

Anna McDougall.jpg

Anna McDougall's portrait of her grandfather has been awarded an honourable mention in the 2020 Young Archies by the Art Gallery of NSW. The Young Archies occur concurrently with the annual Archibald Prize. This is an outstanding achievement.  Congratulations, Anna! And a big thanks to MMC art teacher, Mrs Megan Campbell for her expertise in art education.  

My Pop's life, in our vast and beautiful country, has enriched the minds of many. His spirit is that of a true-blue Aussie. His past has guided and sculpted him into the man he is today, someone with a strong drive for sharing and compassion for others. I believe that through his influence, I have become a better person. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, his radiates with integrity. Anna McDougall, Y10, M1

Congratulations also to the following students, whose wonderful artwork was also entered into the Young Archies.

                             ​ ​  Charlotte Johnson, Y10, M4                             Emma Alexander, Y10, F3

Charlotte Johnson.jpgEmma Alexander.jpg

​                                                                                      Zoe Ford, Y10, F6​

Zoe Ford.jpg