Year 8 Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration

 Nitro2 (Small).jpg
As part of their study of Chemistry and the properties of substances the Year 8 science students took part in a liquid nitrogen demonstration. The demonstration saw the girls hypothesising and analysing the effects of liquid nitrogen on a variety of substances. Flowers, balloons, ping pong balls and elastic bands were no match for the -196°C temperature of the liquid nitrogen. The girls were able to examine the impact of the significant temperature change and link what they were seeing to the movements of the particles. The highlights of the demonstration were the clouds produced when the liquid nitrogen was poured on the ground and the ice cream produced during the demonstration.

​Many thanks go to all of those who made the event a possibility, most notably our lab technician Mrs Michelle Sheldrick for her work in the lead up and on the day and to the Year 8 science teachers, Ms Andrea Hickey, Mr Gareth Whittaker, Mr Ken Mayers, Mrs Peta Holton, Ms Louise Nott and Ms Tania Meredith for all their work on the day and throughout the term.