MacKillop Women Challenge


With the 2019 school year ahead of us and full of possibilities, now is the time to IMAGINE what might be! Throughout this coming year the Science department will be encouraging and challenging all students, both in and out of the classroom, to imagine a bigger and brighter future for themselves and society. Through developing, trialling, refining and trialling again we learn more than thought possible all while furthering our critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This year students will have numerous opportunities to get hands on in science though classroom activities, field work and immersive excursions and science club activities.

​In the coming weeks students will be invited to join in the first science activities outside of the classroom for the year. Launching of the 2019 MMC Imagine through Science club alongside this Years year 11 UQ Science Ambassadors will occur in the next few weeks as will the UQ Science and Engineering Challenge for Year 9 and 10 students. Should your student be interested in being involved and getting hands on with Science in 2019, encourage them to stay tuned for notices and emails, they can also talk with their Science teacher throughout the year about the many opportunities that will arise.