Japanese Activities


The focus of Term 2 Japanese has been Daily Activities and routines. We have learnt language associated with what time we get up, go to school and importantly eat. As part of this, some of our classes participated in making rice balls. The girls studied the language of food, etiquette of eating and similarities and differences between the two cultures.

Speaking more than one language is a great asset to cognitive processes. Studies show that learning another language results in higher performance across other school subjects. Students who study languages other than English tend to score better on standardised tests. It has been interesting to discuss with the girls that a 'chair' is not a 'chair' it is just the word we use to describe this object. Please see attached information from Brisbane Catholic Education. 


Practicing teacher, Ms Kyoko Sakaguchi taught Japanese culture to Japanese elective classes during her recent four-week practicum at MMC. Her work experience program was arranged by Griffith University - International Student Services in association with Nagoya University, Japan.

Kyoko-sensei, as she was known to our students, provided lessons on Japanese customs, J-Pop, Anime and origami. During demonstrations of Tea Ceremony (Sado) and Brush Calligraphy (Shodo), Kyoko invited many of our students to try these traditional arts under her expert tutelage. ​​