Championship Awards Celebrations


Six Education Perfect subject-specific championship events were contested throughout this year – four of which were international competitions.

​Our overall winner for MMC in 2019 was Tihana Salinovic (Year 10) who received four Emerald Awards (Humanities, English, Queensland Languages and World Languages Championships), one Bronze (EP Challenge) and one Credit (Science). The 2019 Runner-up was Millie Molloy (Year 8), receiving awards that include one Emerald (English), three Gold (Mathematics, Queensland Languages, World Languages), one Silver (Science) and one Bronze (EP Challenge).

Emerald awards are awarded for over 5,000 points accrued, which represent over 10,000 questions answered from the online learning content library. Gold awards are 3,000+ points, Silver 2,000+, Bronze 1,000+ and Credit 500+. Collectively, our students will have invested hundreds of hours in their pursuit of excellence and investing in their own futures. Friendly rivalry and competition have forged academic rigour and newly formed respect and friendships among the many competitors in this quest for knowledge and love of learning.

Thirteen of our students were commended and celebrated with a pizza lunch last Thursday where they were presented their respective awards by Mrs Christine Clarke and assisted by Mrs Sharon Sweeney (Head of English and Languages) and myself. The full awards list is below.

Education Perfect Championship Awards

NameYearAward  Championship Event
Millie Molloy8Gold  Mathematics Championships
Millie Molloy8Silver  Science Championships
Tihana Salinovic10Credit Science Championships
Tihana Salinovic10Emerald Humanities World Series
Aoife Hickey9Bronze Humanities World Series
Rose Davis9Bronze Humanities World Series
Millie Molloy8Bronze Education Perfect Revision Challenge
Tihana Salinovic10Bronze Education Perfect Revision Challenge
Alok Nyiguo8Credit Education Perfect Revision Challenge
Zelaikha Sultan11Credit Education Perfect Revision Challenge
Tihana Salinovic10Emerald Queensland Championships – Languages
Mia Silver-Thomas7Gold  Queensland Championships – Languages
Millie Molloy8Gold Queensland Championships – Languages
Zelaikha Sultan11Gold Queensland Championships – Languages
Keely Bagnall7Silver Queensland Championships – Languages
Alok Nyiguo8Bronze Queensland Championships – Languages
Grace Burkett10Bronze Queensland Championships – Languages
Luigina Castellano8Bronze Queensland Championships – Languages
Aurora Kemp8Credit Queensland Championships – Languages
Tihana Salinovic10Emerald English Championships
Millie Molloy8Emerald English Championships
Alok Nyiguo8Bronze English Championships
Keely Bagnall7Bronze English Championships
Tihana Salinovic10Emerald  Language World Championships
Millie Molloy8Gold  Language World Championships
Mia Sliver-Thomas7Bronze Language World Championships
Grace Burkett10Bronze Language World Championships
Zelaikha Sultan11Bronze Language World Championships
Selena Thompson7Bronze Language World Championships
Alok Nyiguo8Bronze  Language World Championships
Jessica Gilbey10Bronze Language World Championships
Aurora Kemp8Credit Language World Championships

Zelaikha Sultan11Senior Commended 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 Credit
Mia Silver-Thomas7Junior Commended 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Alok Nyiguo7Junior Commended 3 Bronze, 1 Credit
Prestige Awards    
Tihana Salinovic 10

Senior Award

Overall Winner

 4 Emerald, 1 Bronze, 1 Credit
Millie Molloy8

Junior Award

Overall Runner-up

 1 Emerald, 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze