World Environment Day


In 2017, the National Geographic stated, “planet earth is 4.5 billion years old, whilst mankind is about 140,000 years old. If you condense the earth's life span into 24 hours, one full day, then humans would have been on this planet for three seconds".  In three seconds, we have increased the extinction rate of animals by 1000 times the natural rate, we have increased temperatures by over 1.6 degrees and the ice sheets all over the world have decreased in mass by an average of 286 billion tons per three seconds. 

It is now 2019, two years later and there have been no major changes. Humans are still the main cause of environmental crisis, but could we also be the solution?

On Wednesday the 5th of June, World Environment Day was acknowledged amongst our school community. The Environment Committee recognised this contemporary issue and decided to take a stand – literally. During lunch, over 50 students marched in solidarity, passionately chanting climate action slogans and sporting placards crafted by the environment committee. Sasha Storer, devoted member of the Environment Committee, voiced an emotive speech in front of the eager crowd. In addition to this, at morning tea, the Environment Committee organised and facilitated a successful bake sale for which all the funds will be allocated towards providing recycling bins around the campus grounds.

World Environment Day was a very successful day, with all members of the College being involved; whether it was reciting the environment themed prayer in House Group, purchasing baked goods at morning tea or standing in unison at the rally during lunch. On this day, I believe we brought to life our term two theme – Imagine a passionate school – because our Mackillop Women voiced their passion to save our earth.  

For the sustainability of our planet and future generations, we must begin to make some changes together because it is our collective and individual responsibilityto preserve and tend to the world in which we all live" (Dalai Lama).