Term 4 – Going by in the blink of an eye!


To say that we have hit the ground running this term is a huge understatement. I think we may have hit the ground and have run so hard that we have left clear tread marks in the Term 4 road.  In week 1, we saw our students involved in a variety activities including: Year 7 Retreat, Year 8 Physical Challenge, Year 9 Physical Challenge, Year 10 Physical Challenge and Year 11 Kokoda Physical Challenge, Year 11 Careers Day, Extra Curricular photos and also a Year 11 Visual Arts excursion.

This week has been equally busy with the planning and preparation for our major College celebrations.  I trust that the community were able to attend (virtually) the Celebration of Excellence on Thursday 15th October, and no doubt many of our Year 12 parents are still smiling from the momentous Graduation Ceremony last night.   Sincere thanks to all College Staff who were involved in the organisation and planning for two very successful events.

Today we saw our Year 12s and staff relish in the Senior Joy Day, through the wonderful array of 'Rewind' themed costumes.  There was much laughter and fun to be had.  Check out our Facebook page for photos. Further fun will continue in week 3 when the College celebrates Book Week.  Further information about Book Week has been provided in the newsletter by our Librarian, Mrs Stacey Landa.

As we look to the next fortnight, the celebrations continue for our Seniors, as they enjoy their final assemblies and our students offer them heartfelt farewells.  They then switch gears, in their final push in their study regime, to begin their external exams with the drive, focus and the confidence needed to finish strong.  We are with you, Seniors of 2020!

Now having shared how busy we are, it is necessary for us to take time to stop and breathe!

This year COVID has made us aware, more than ever, about our breathing and being sensitive to the air we are breathing in.  Fr Richard Rohr reminds us that with each breath, we are gifted with the Holy Spirit, the fuel to our faith.  He encourages us to receive and return it joyfully. 

Every day at MMC, we are afforded a brief pause in the day for 'MacKillop Minutes'; a rich opportunity for mindfulness and quiet reflection.  With the busyness of life, these opportunities may often be missed with the urgent/necessary overcoming the important.  I urge our community to look for times throughout our days where we can stop, and take notice of the life-giving breaths we take for granted every second.