MacKillop Women of 2018


We belong to a web of creation in which nothing, absolutely nothing, is inconsequential. This oneness of all that is, this infinite unity, is powerfully symbolised in the Christ-centred Celtic knot – emblem of Mary MacKillop College.

A MacKillop education inspires hope-filled, Christ-like living, powerfully symbolised in the MacKillop resurrection cross. When faced with hatred, we are to let love prevail; when confronted by sinfulness, return mercy; stand for truth in the face of falsehood; do good, stand up for good, insist on good, spread good. 

As the school year draws to a close, we are graced with a time to reflect upon the many contributions made to this wonderful community of Mary MacKillop during 2018. Thankyou!

MacKillop Women of 2018

You are vital to this big, beautiful, amazing world. This world needs you. Compassionate women. Women who both create and embrace new possibilities. Women who love to learn and to live. Thank you!

Parents, Families and Friends of Mary MacKillop College 2018

You hold your daughter, your niece, granddaughter, sister, friend… in caring embrace; in love and awe. The impact of your love knows no limits. Thankyou!

Staff of Mary MacKillop College 2018

Your vocation to education is a blessing to the world. You shape the lives of our MacKillop Women in profoundly important ways. You have connected in spirit, in intellect, in hope and faith. Thankyou!

2018 has been a great year at Mary MacKillop College. A browse through the pages of MacKillop News since January, or through our Facebook page, or through the College Annual provides snippets of insight into the life and spirit of a MacKillop education. But our story has much more to it than any published story can ever tell. Pope Francis said, “Educating is an act of love, it is like giving life." St Mary of the Cross MacKillop said, “Love one another and bear with one another, and let love guide you in all your life." (1909). A MacKillop education is an education of the heart – a heart formed in love to bring compassion, peace and justice to the world.