JJAMM Week Celebrations


The story of JJAMM is one of inspiration and admiration. Our 2019 College theme is 'imagine', which resonates with the Josephite message of encouraging the women of our school to chase their dreams and imagine the potential each one of us holds. Julian Tenison Woods was a Catholic priest, educationalist and scientist, who alongside Mary MacKillop established the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart at Penola in 1866. Their collective journey was one of persistence, resilience, selflessness and compassion, all qualities which we hope the girls nurture throughout their time in the school. It is important to remember throughout this week the work of those that have come before us, creating this place of excellence in learning.

J - Just Imagine

Monday – Just Imagine

Mary Mackillop named the Sisters of Saint Joseph after St Joseph. Joseph was a worker who inspired Mary to reach out to those in need. He was a humble and hardworking man.


Today, we pray through St Joseph, that he will inspire us as students to work with humility for others. Let us inspire others and reach out to those in times of need.


On Monday, we celebrated a day to 'just imagine'. On this day we asked the girls to dress as a powerful woman who inspires them or their future self, to highlight the importance of imagining the boundless possibilities for the future. All money raised funded the 'Making a Difference' leadership conference, as well as supporting women to leave violent relationships. At lunch time our local member of parliament for Nudgee, Leanne Linard, kindly volunteered her time to contribute to a Q&A panel discussion. Hosted by myself, Grace Murphy and Grace Nolan from Year 7, we asked Ms Linard questions about her career journey and experience as a female leader in the community. At the end of the formal discussion, we opened the microphone to allow girls in the audience to ask their own questions. This discussion with Leanne was extremely informative and we are grateful for her time. The Q&A was followed by a fashion parade hosted by Justice captain, Tiffany Visser. It was delightful to see such innovative and creative ideas, whilst girls powerfully walked around in 'female suits' or dressing as their fictional role model.

J – Julian's Day


Tuesday – Julian's Day

Julian Tenison Woods was a priest, an educationalist and a scientist who worked alongside Mary MacKillop to form the Sisters of St Joseph.  These two individuals shared a common dream, that all Australian's should have an equal opportunity to receive an education.


Today we pray with Julian, that his courage to pursue his dreams will inspire us to strive to reach our goals and be the best possible versions of ourselves.



Tuesday's theme was 'Julian's Inclusivity Day'. On this day we acknowledged the importance of Australian priest, Julian Tenison Woods. From every house group, every student decorated a tile as a contribution to an interconnected cross that will be made. The tiles will be broken and the used to form a representation of our College community for 2019. The final creation will be revealed later in the year at the Night of Excellence. Since Julian Tenison Woods was an advanced academic, in the spirit of celebrating intellectual talent, vision and passion, we decided to host a ten-question quiz at lunch where a representative from each house group battles to take out the 'Are you smarter than Julian Tenison Woods' award. The day was successful and hoped to encourage Inclusiveness in the weeks that follow.

A – All Things Culture


Wednesday – All Things Culture


Today we celebrate our inclusive community and have the opportunity to acknowledge the diversity within our school community.


Today we pray in thanks for the diversity of our College and wider community. May we appreciate the gifts that come from learning through so many different cultures and may we continue to be united through our diversity.



Wednesday was an exciting day of preparations. Since Culture Comp was a day away and the school was buzzing with music from every room, we decided to have a simple house group picnic and dance rehearsals as a way of celebrating the progress that had been made, as well as finish off the final preparations for the day to come. Coming together as a house group to share lunch was a great way of building relationships between the girls outside of the standard morning gathering.

M - Mary's Day


Thursday – Mary's Day


Today we focus on the feast day of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Australia's first saint. Mary demonstrated kindness to all and was faced with challenges in her work for the church.


We pray today that we have the resilience that Mary inspires us to show and to never see a need without doing something about it.



Thursday was our very special day of celebrating Mary MacKillop Day. The entire College attended a morning Mass in the Corpus Christi Church, which was followed by the Culture Competition in the afternoon. Seeing girls push themselves outside their comfort zone and give dancing a go was so fantastic to see. This was the Year seven's first Culture Competition and the Year 12's last – the event was a moment for the history books. Congratulations to every house group that contributed to making the day such a success.

M – Mission Mania


Friday – Mission Mania


Today as a College we come together, to acknowledge the future of our students and the work that they bring to the College community.


We pray that today we gain further connections and have the power to imagine the difference we can each make if we are women of justice.



To mark the end of our week, we hosted a new and original idea by the student leadership team, Mission Mania. The event was the perfect way to end the week and bring together the community for a final celebration. Mission Mania occurred over morning tea and lunch and consisted of over 15 stalls, all working towards making money for the charity of their choice. The organisation of each individual business has been weeks in the making and I am so proud of the girls for all their efforts in this endeavour. From girls bringing forward their business ideas at a 'Shark Tank' interview, to creating numerous products and finally being able to sell them on the day, it has been great to see the College come to life.