Middle Years

In Year 7 and 8, the students experience all the major subject areas. The five core subjects of Religious Education, English, Humanities (History, and Geography), Mathematics and Science are studied throughout the whole of Year 7 and 8, and each term students get to study two elective subjects as well. These electives change each term so that by the end of the year, every student will have studied Art, Drama, Business Education, Home Economics- Textiles, Home Economics - Food Technology, Information Technology, Japanese, Music, Media Arts and Physical Education. This means that the students do not have to choose subjects and will experience a wide range of possibilities while keeping the essential core subjects intact.
In Year 9, the students continue to study the five core subjects and choose two electives for the year. This ensures that all students at Mary MacKillop College are educated in the essential curriculum areas allowing for maximum employment and study pathways in their future, whilst also ensuring that the needs of State and National curricula are met.
In Year 10, the students continue with two electives.  The main difference in this year is that students are beginning to make choices for the following year, and Year 10 is really structured to be a preparation for Year 11 in terms of the level of Math, English and Science studied; and in terms of their interest in Humanities based subjects. In the electives, the students are encouraged to choose those subjects that have their interest and may lead into subjects in Year 11.  A prime example of this is the need to study Japanese if one wants to study it in Year 11; likewise for Music.  Any other subject in Year 11, apart from Core Math, English and Science subjects in Year 11, require no formal prior study at Year 10 level.  Also, training and trade options are available in Year 10.