(This document is to be read in conjunction with the web-link, found above, “Tuition fees for 2015”)
The fees outlined in the above web-link are compulsory for all students and the responsibility for payment of these fees remains, at all times, with the parties that have signed the contract of enrolment – normally the student's parents.
In addition to the Tuition Fees, the following levies apply:
The Recurrent Cost Levy:
  • All subject levies
  • Some support to the cost of running the College’s information and communication technology platforms, including student's netbooks. Please note that damage or loss of a student netbook computer is a direct cost to the parents / guardians
  • Partial contribution for retreats and / or year level camps
  • Religious Education days and a contribution to most excursions
  • Provision of a College Diary (the initial issue) and College Annual
  • Entry to academic competitions
  • Transport to most College events and some sporting / co-curricular events
  • The cost of providing sport and activities on Wednesday afternoon, the entrance fee into some activities and the cost of transport to most venues
  • The cost of maintaining the College Text Books – which are loaned to students
  • Student ID Card - Provision for an initial identification. Replacement card will incur a charge.
Discounts are available for the annual fee being paid in full by the last business day in February of each year. In 2015, this discount is $150.
Families with more than one daughter at the school in the same year also receive a sibling discount.
The tuition fees and levies, along with Australian and Queensland Government recurrent grants only cover the day to day operations of the College.  Maintenance and development of College buildings, furnishings and infrastructure are funded, in part, by the Capital Levy and the Building Fund.

The College in the last four years has undertaken the following capital works:
  • The Tappeiner Centre – our undercover sports centre
  • The Joanna Barr-Smith Centre – Administration, Home Economics, Hospitality
  • The new Tuckshop – named 'Joeys', based on a student competition
  • The entire refurbishment of Fitzroy – downstairs has become our new Visual Art Centre plus a Home Economics (Textiles) facility.  Upstairs are modern classrooms and a revamped IT service centre.
  • The renovation of the ground floor (under) the Josephite Cultural Centre which remains the home for Drama and is the new home for Music – bringing our performing arts under the one roof.
  • Extensive landscaping, through the heart of the College to create the MacKillop Plaza flowing through to the outdoor auditorium adjacent to the new Music and Drama facilities.
  • Demolition of ‘Tenison’, the 1960’s style bungalow fronting Donkin Street, initially provided open space.
  • Finally, our student conveniences reclaimed under Penola in 1988 have been redesigned and refurbished.
The total costs of all these works are near $10M, funded by parent and community donations, $2.5M in Commonwealth and State Government grants, with the balance from College reserves, supplemented by a prudent amount of new borrowings. Further works, are in the pipeline, in support of the Master Plan, however the timing is dependant upon funding – a key component being donations from the College community and commitment to the Building Fund.

In 2015, families have encouraged to contribute $80 per term.  We welcome additional contributions at any time. For Australian taxpayers, contributions to the Building Fund are normally 100% tax deductible, so parents / other donors gain a tax benefit while the College gains finance for building projects.
A greater level of contributions to the Building Fund enables the College to charge lower fees than would otherwise apply.

Therefore, whilst the Building Fund is not compulsory, families are strongly encouraged to contribute. Donations are welcomed from any person or business, subject to being in alignment with the values and ethos of the College.
The College operates a termly billing system. Families will receive an invoice four times a year at the commencement of each term as follows:
  • Term 1 invoiced early February, payable by 27th February 2015
  • Term 2 invoiced mid April, payable by 30th April 2015
  • Term 3 invoiced early July, payable by 31st July 2015
  • Term 4 invoiced early October, payable by 30th October 2015
In Term 1, the invoice will be slightly higher than the remaining terms, as it will include the recurrent cost levy.
Families are encouraged to commence Direct Debit / Credit Card / Centrepay arrangements from January (or earlier).
The College operates under a spirit of mutual obligation within our community, justice and respect between all families and the College.  As a matter of respect to fellow families, and to provide for the effective delivery of educational programs, the College is reliant upon families paying their tuition accounts in accordance with the College’s trading terms. 
Families who fall behind with their payments (or, if agreed, with payment plans), restrict the cash flow of the college, and as a consequence, compromise the delivery of the educational programs to its students.
For the College to continue to provide effective facilities and the teaching staff required to impart the College’s curriculum plans, the prompt payment of tuition accounts by parents / guardians is essential. The importance is emphasised, as Government funding contributes less than two-thirds of the cost to operate the College.
The College does, however, recognise that some families may experience some adverse financial circumstances from time to time, and, as part of a community, will endeavour to support members of its community in bona-fide situations.
Those parents who find themselves in financial difficulties may apply to the College for a fee concession. As concessions are not granted retrospectively, it is imperative that contact be made with the College Finance Office as soon as parents recognise there will be a problem. It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the school in this situation.
If a family makes a decision to withdraw a student from the College, one full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal of the College.  If the required notice is not given, one full term fees and levies will be charged in lieu of notice.