UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS Students at Mary MacKillop College take a pride in themselves and in their school by being neatly dressed and by behaving in a courteous and dignified manner on all occasions. Correct College uniform is to be worn at all times, including when travelling to and from the College. Students who wear unacceptable items and break the uniform code incur disciplinary action.  
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Formal Uniform

  • Navy dress
  • College badge on the left collar and House badge on the right collar.
  • College socks with two blue bands – worn every day including with sports uniform. (Black stockings may be worn as an alternative to socks in Terms 2 and 3. These are available from the uniform shop. Items purchased elsewhere should match. Knee-hi stockings are not permitted at any time of the year.
  • Black leather traditional school shoe, flat-heeled (no more than 2.5 cm), lace up (not slip on, buckle or Velcro).
  • College hat – worn to and from school, on excursions and at all times during the school day. The hat must be in good repair.
  • All students must purchase the College Blazer to wear to formal occasions such as assembly, awards night etc.
  • In Terms 2 and 3, all students wear the College blazer with or without a jumper . The College blazer must be worn on all formal occasions throughout the year.

Sport Uniform: Years 7 – 12

  • All students must wear their sports uniform to and from school each Wednesday.
    Students undertaking PE classes (other than Wednesday) must wear their day uniform to and from school and bring their sports uniform to school.
  • In terms 2 and 3, the College tracksuit may be worn.
  • Navy sports top or the official College Representative Team shirt. 
  • Navy shorts. 
  • College socks with two blue bands.
  • Sport shoes with light, non scuff marking soles – no gym boots, Cons, Volleys, Vans, soft canvas shoes and no featured caricatures e.g. ants, skulls.
  • College cap must be worn at all times during the school day and to and from school.

School Shoes

When students are wearing the formal school uniform they are to wear black leather lace up traditional school shoes with a maximum 2.5cm / 1 inch heel.
Wednesday Sports Day - Sports shoes must be supportive of your daughter’s ankles and feet. Therefore Converse, ballet slippers, Volleys, Vans or soft canvas shoes are not suitable footwear and are not permitted. Sports shoes should be traditional runners and must not be drawn on.

Additional Items

  • The College shoulder bag or backpack is the only bag that may be used to and from the College.
  • College tote bags must be used for excursions and may be used to carry books to and from classes.
  • The College padlock must be purchased from the uniform shop and used on student lockers.


The following items are the only acceptable accessories that may be worn at this College:
  • Simple gold, silver, black or brown band wristwatch – no large or ornate, colourful designs.
  • One simple ring (such as the College Senior Ring) or signet ring without large stones.
  • All chains must be hidden below the collar line.
  • No bracelets.
  • All cases of infringements will be recorded.
  • Banned jewellery will be taken by a teacher and held in trust by the Deputy Principal until the end of the day when it may be collected. A repetition of wearing banned jewellery will mean that it has to be collected by a parent. Further infringements will incur a significant suspension from the College. 


One pair of sleepers or small studs may be worn in the lower earlobe. These must be gold or silver without stones or shapes. No other studs (including finger and tongue studs) or spacers are acceptable, even if they are clear. No other piercings are permitted. Students will be asked to remove them and items held for collection by a parent/guardian.

Makeup and Nail Polish

No makeup, fake tan, fake nails or nail polish is permitted. This includes permanent or semi-permanent eye liners, eye lash tints etc.


Hair colour must be natural, one colour and cut in a conservative style. Hair of length past the collar must be tied back off the face with a plain white hair ribbon.
Also, hair must be well groomed, off the face and eyes, and tied up as above if longer in length. Hair that is tied or braided must be in a style that allows for the effective wearing of the College hat.
If for any reason a student is out of College uniform, a note of explanation from a parent / guardian must be shown to the House Group teacher who will sign and date the note. The student is to carry the note for that day.
Special circumstances concerning the wearing of incorrect uniform are to be referred to the Deputy Principal – Director of Students.
Teachers may confiscate from the students any unacceptable jewellery, hair ribbons or non-uniform items. These items will be kept by either the teacher or the Deputy Principal – Director of Students for a specified period of time. At the end of this time, it is the student’s responsibility to seek out the teacher for the return of the confiscated item. Unclaimed items will be returned at the end of each semester.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open at the following times during each term:
                        Tuesday         7:45am – 8:25am
                        Thursday       7:45am – 8:25am

Closed During Exam Block 

Payment for uniforms can be made in cash, cheque or credit card. Credit card payments can be made over the phone.