Truly Remarkable Women

​Scholarship Winner Announcement 

Congratulations to Isabella, a Year 9 student, who received a full scholarship to CASE Space School in 2023. Isabella’s commitment to studies and curiosity for space exploration now and into the future contributed to her successful submission. She is one of only three students across Australia to receive the scholarship.

Three scholarship places were generously funded by the California Association of STEAM Education (CASE) as part of the organisation’s aim to offer students the highest standard of STEAM learning; collaboratively and globally.

We are extremely proud of this remarkable achievement! 


College Dux & Iwasaki Sangyo Prize Winner

Congratulations Aoife, the 2022 College Dux. This prestigious academic award recognises the Year 12 student who has achieved the most outstanding results across their chosen subjects. Aoife was top of the following subjects; Japanese, Mathematical Methods, and Study of Religion. She was also awarded a Sport Achievement Award for her success in Synchronised Ice Skating.

To add to Aoife’s remarkable achievements, she was recently awarded the Iwasaki Sangyo Prize by the Queensland Department of Education International. This prize provides a high-achieving Year 12 Japanese student with the opportunity to undertake a cultural immersion experience in Japan to enhance their language proficiency.

We are extremely proud of your commitment to excellence Aoife! 


BUFTA Short Film Competition

Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) is a short film competition for aspiring filmmakers from Year 11 and 12 Secondary Schools across Australia. Originally started in 1996 and offering a grand prize of a full-fee-paid scholarship to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Bond University, BUFTA has grown to become one of the most well-respected competitions in the Southern Hemisphere.

This year, Year 12 Film, Television, and New Media student, Aisha, has been selected as one of three finalists in the Experimental Film category with her film, Reaper, which she produced for her IA3 assessment.

Reaper intends to intellectually challenge the viewers and evoke a critical response from them to wonder about both the way this film was created, as well as ponder over the possible meanings that are being communicated. I experimented with heavy modulation and stop motion techniques, as seen in Paul de Nooijer’s experimental art film, Touring Holland by Bicycle (1985), and applied effects to make the film appear as an old VHS recording. In Western culture, death is seen as taboo and as a society, there is a latent fear of death that we cope with through a lack of consciousness of one’s own mortality. In Reaper, I wish to challenge these ‘norms’ by conveying the strong omnipresence of death in everyday life, prompting audiences to think about not only this every presence but also their own mortality.” Aisha.

We encourage our Mary MacKillop College Community to view and vote for Aisha’s film in the People’s Choice Award by clicking on this link:

Congratulations to Aisha and her wonderful achievement.​

BCE graduate reflects on her Year 12 schooling journey​

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