House Value: Outreach

House Image: Hands of Outreach

House Mascot: The Lioness

House Colour: Yellow

House Day: 28 February (Mary MacKillop’s baptism in the parish church of Fitzroy)

Fitzroy House is named after the birthplace of Mary MacKillop. Mary was born on 15 January 1842 in Marino Cottage at number 9 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne where her family initially lived. A plaque in the footpath marks this site which now houses the Melbourne Archdiocesan 'Mary of the Cross' Drug and Rehabilitation Centre. In keeping with Mary’s conviction that one should "Never see a need without doing something about it" (Mary MacKillop, 1867), this agency provides support services and ancillary care for those affected by drug and alcohol use.

Fitzroy House embraces Outreach through::
• Community
• Hospitality
• Service
Members of Fitzroy are united by their exciting, encouraging spirit, their sense of belonging, hospitality and outreach to others. 

The House colour is a golden yellow which represents warmth, brightness, sustaining energy, generosity, wisdom, enthusiasm and happiness. Yellow is symbolic of a fire source. The House mascot is the fierce lioness, “Fitzy”, representative of a noble warrior woman who has sustained energy, courage and pride. In ancient Christian symbolism, the lion represented Jesus.

 Fitzroy Prayer

God of creation,
You gifted our nation with the
life and work of Mary MacKillop,
born in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1842.
As members of this House we
pray that we will grow in our
ability to reach out to others,
welcoming difference and
diversity and building a
a community where all feel they
belong. Amen.