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Given the opportunity to participate in some decision-making in the College, our young women will:
•  develop a greater sense of responsibility,
•  identify more closely with their College,
•  contribute to the overall effectiveness of the College in being true to it's mission and vision.


The Student Leadership Team consists of the following positions:
College Captains
House Captains - Fitzroy, McCormack and Penola
Justice Captain
Culture Captain
Sport Captain


All have the opportunity to be a member of one or more of the College committees. Committee leadership is open to all in Years 9 - 12 whilst those in all year levels are encouraged to become involved in a committee of their choosing. These committees include;

MacKillop Justice 


The House Council is a group of students elected by their peers to represent the student body. It is comprised of the House Captains and a representative from each House Group (House Representative). The Council meets monthly with the Head of Houses.

The role of the House Council is to-dimensional: 
* to work with the respective Head of House to promote all inter-house sporting and cultural activities and the reporting of such back to the House Groups;
* enhance student well-being;
*  to be a collective voice for the student body.
The House Council is:
* educational by developing skills in leadership and communication; 
* democratic by allowing each student to have a voice; 
* responsible for effective communication at both House and College levels; 
* considerate of the College community.