Personal Development

​It is the aim of our Personal Development (PD) Program to present opportunities for our young women’s growth, discovery and transformation. It intends to provide tools and personal strategies to help in the expansion of our young women’s vision for what is possible – stretching their souls, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening, taking risks and facing challenges at every step along the way.


The ancient symbol of the labyrinth relates to wholeness, and is a fitting symbol for this PD journey through the years. It is a model of the path and the journey that we are all on. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiralling into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to each young woman’s own centre and a journey back again out into the world with a broadened understanding of who she is.

The Mary MacKillop College labyrinth features, “The five pathways to self-development” with Year 12 being culmination of the journey to the centre. It consists of the following interrelated elements: 

  • Self-awareness - Year 7
  • Self-management - Year 8
  • Social awareness - Year 9
  • Social management - Year 10
  • Strive for wellbeing - Year 11
  • Retreat/well being - Year 12

The first four pathway elements relate to the organisation required for personal and social capability as presented in the Australian Curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum is based on the belief that the development of personal and social capability is foundational for learning and for citizenship, and that students develop these capabilities as they learn to understand themselves and others. The significant consequence of this is the prospect of being able to manage and be empowered in relationships, in work, in effective learning, in life.

When our young women are in Year 12 they engage in an extensive QCS program designed to support and prepare her for the Queensland Core Skills Test.