Student Well-Being

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At Mary MacKillop College the well-being of our young women is supported by nurturing a positive learning culture which provides challenging, interactive and engaging learning experiences and by fostering relationships with families and the wider community. Our young women maintain their own wellbeing by being actively involved in the College community. Research on resilience shows a sense of belonging is critical for young people and helps them to develop into healthy, secure and resilient adults. Mary MacKillop College works in association with Dr Judith Locke, clinical psychologist, to develop confident, capable and compassionate young women.

Student Protection

 As a community under the auspices of Brisbane Catholic Education, we strive to ensure a culture where all acknowledge and understand that student protection is the responsibility of everyone. All employees and visitors have a responsibility to respond when it is suspected that s student has been harmed or is at risk of harm. Employees also have a responsibility to comply with mandatory reporting obligations. The procedure applies to all employees and visitors who have regular contact with students in all curricular, co-curricular and related activities.

Mary MacKillop College Student Protection Policy