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Mary MacKillop College is a registered provider of education to international students and is bound by the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 under its registration on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS)  Information can be accessed at the following website:  https://internationaleducation.gov.au/Regulatory-Information/Documents/ESOSFrameworkfactsheetfinaldraft9May2014(2).pdf.  Also information regarding the Tuition Protection Services can be accessed on the following website: https://tps.gov.au     The atmosphere at Mary MacKillop College can truly be said to be multicultural, with many students who are local residents also coming from a large variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.   Mary MacKillop College is an all Girls’ College with students from Years 7 through to 12.  The College is situated in Nundah approximately 10 kilometres from the city centre.         The atmosphere at Mary MacKillop College can truly be said to be multicultural, with many students who are local residents also coming from a large variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.   Mary MacKillop College is an all Girls’ College with students from Years 7 through to 12.  The College is conveniently located close to the city (approximately 10 kilometres) and airport (approximately 3 kilometres) in the rapidly evolving Nundah Village precinct.  It is centrally located to the Toombul transport hub and Nundah and Toombul railway stations making it easy for our young women to connect with one another and the College via a myriad of convenient public transport options.   Our extensive refurbishment program included the development of an undercover sports facility, an inviting entry to the College, new administration and student services centre, Arts and Home Economics facilities, the development of a new alfresco eating area and central boulevard as recreation space for our young women.  These excellent additions have complemented the Josephite Cultural Centre with seating for 600 people, Maryvale Resource Centre, meditation room, wireless internet throughout the campus, smart classrooms and comfortable learning and relaxation spaces which support our young women towards their potential.  Students come to us from a range of countries including:   • China• Japan• Hong Kong• East Timor• Taiwan• South Korea/North Korea   A requirement of enrolment at Mary MacKillop College is that all International Students must reside in the school approved homestay accommodation through International Students Care Australia (ISCA) unless residing permanently with a parent or relative approved by the school.  Mr John Coade is the Managing Director of ISCA  Mob: +61 0427 269 360; Tel: +61 7 3851 0704: Fax: +61 7 3851 4047: Email: isca@isca.net.au or website: www.isca.com.au.    An application may be submitted through Australian International Education Consortium (AIECG)  www.aiecg.com Mrs Yaoli Wang +617 3852 4002 or via email admin@aiecg.com. F For information about living in Brisbane and Queensland visit http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au.  OUTLINE OF THE ENROLMENT PROCESS The enrolment process for international students is a process through which all involved parties (student and her family, agent, school) supply each other with required documentation in order to follow Federal and State legislation and rules for enrolment of an international student.  The enrolment process follows certain steps ensuring that all involved parties come to a clear understanding of rules, obligations, responsibilities and rights.  The time of this process varies, depending on the speed of response from all parties to requests for documentation. ENQUIRY AND APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT Enquiry from an International Student to our Agent I.A.E.C I.A.E.C. issue a Letter of Offer and Acceptance of Offer form to the parents for their commitment and signature.  This form is then forwarded to Mary MacKillop College for the Principal to give provisional acceptance of the student.  Enrolment would depend upon a place being available in the requested year level, English Proficiency Test results and satisfactory homestay arrangements being organised.  After receipt of provisional acceptance from Mary MacKillop College, the agent will forward the Enrolment package to the parents of the student for completion.  Upon receipt this application for enrolment form will be forwarded to Mary MacKillop College. Upon receipt of the completed and duly signed application for enrolment from the parents,  the agent will generate a Confirmation of Enrolment and Letter of Welfare on behalf of Mary MacKillop College and issue a copy to Mary MacKillop College as well as emailing a copy to the parents who initiate a visa application and the agent arranges the English Language Course for their client.  The agent will also collect the first semester's fees at this time.  Copies of the student's reports will be emailed to Mary MacKillop College as her course progresses.   Enquiry from an International Student direct to Mary MacKillop College An Application for Enrolment - International Students will be forwarded to the parents of the student.  This application needs to be completed, signed and returned to the College Registrar at Mary MacKillop College.Enrolment Package The Enrolment Package consists of: Entry Requirement of Overseas Students Application for Enrolment - Overseas Student Refund Cancellation Policy Complaints and Appeals Policy Deferment Suspension and Cancellation Policy Code of Conduct Course Progress and Attendance Policy Accommodation and Welfare Policy MMC Student Fee Schedule Year 11 & 12 Senior Years Policy
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    Upon receipt of the completed Application for Enrolment and requested documentation, the Principal will assess the application and subject to a vacancy in the requested year level,  a provisional offer of a place will be made.  This place will also be subject to the student obtaining the required English proficiency level to allow the student to undertake study in the appropriate level.    An English language proficiency course can be studied at Griffith University in Brisbane if no IELTS or equivalent test report is submitted by the student to Mary MacKillop College.  The parents would be responsible for organising the English language proficiency course or equivalent test if submitting an application directly to Mary MacKillop College.  

    An interview with the Principal and tour of the College will be scheduled before the student commences at Mary MacKillop College.  This interview normally takes place during the last week of her English Course.  At this time uniforms are able to be purchased.   The student will also meet with the Deputy Principal, Director of Studies to discuss subject choices for the semester. 


    Following the review of the enrolment documents, Mary MacKillop College provides an individual Written Agreement specific to the student and a Letter of Offer.  The Letter of Offer outlines conditions of the offer and advises on the due date of fees payable.  The Written Agreement also contains English Proficiency levels required for study at Mary MacKillop College and requests a copy of the English Proficiency test results. 


    By signing of the Written Agreement, parents and students officially accept a place at Mary MacKillop College and confirm that they accept all conditions of the Written Agreement.    Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying all fees when requested.  One semester's fees in advance are expected at all times.  This could be done by electronic direct deposit.  Parents advise the College when the payment is made and a copy of proof of payment is forwarded to the College.  The College Registrar will then issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and a Letter of Welfare (for under 18 years old) via PRISMS (where the school takes responsibility for the student's welfare).  The CoE and Letter of Welfare are sent/emailed to the parents who initiate a visa application and arrange the English Language Course for their daughter. 


    The College Registrar provides the Homestay provider (ISCA) with the student's Homestay Application Form and her arrival dates (if known).  ISCA arranges a suitable homestay and the student is supplied with her homestay family information and contact details.  Airport pick up on arrival is arranged by ISCA.  For more detailed homestay process see ISCA's website (www.isca.org.au).  Mary MacKillop College has full responsibility for ensuring the welfare of the student at all times and works closely with ISCA at all times. 


    The student arrives at 8:00am at the College Reception and is met by her House Coordinator who provides the student with the College mission, rules, obligations and responsibilities and an outline of the College structure.  She will also receive her text books at this time along with her laptop and log in details.  She is also supplied with her timetable, student diary, a map of the College, College policies and taken to her house group to meet her house group teacher and home group students. 


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