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Mary MacKillop College has a vibrant Music Program, offering all students the chance to improve as musicians and to love making music.


We aim to ensure that students’ music development continues naturally from their work at Primary School, whilst also ensuring that students new to music can take up an instrument at any time. 

All students in Year 7 and 8 are invited to continue their musical development by joining one of our music ensembles from Term 1.

We offer private lessons on a revolving timetable so that students do not miss the same academic class each week, while developing their musical skills. We also offer shared instrumental lessons or 15 minute lessons to provide a cheaper alternative. Lessons are available to all students, whether they are experienced instrumentalists or beginners.

The school has some instruments for hire for students taking private lessons. Instruments are hired through the school library system and cost $50 per semester for most instruments except for nylon string guitar which is $20 per semester.

We have a dynamic classroom music program and aim to ensure that students love music, as well as receive a high quality music education.


Our classroom music program is inspired by the Kodaly approach to music education, and is based on a sequential, aural-based approach to learning. In it students learn music through active music-making in every lesson. 

The use of the voice is one of the most defining features of the approach. The voice is the most accessible and inexpensive of all instruments and offers the most direct path to the insightful understanding of music. Students learn to sing songs in the same way they learnt to speak – through repetition, good role modelling and enjoyment.

Although the voice is the foundation in which students learn music, instrumental skills are very important, and all students throughout Years 7 – 12 learn basic keyboard, guitar, drums and bass. They are also provided with other opportunities to perform on their own instruments.  It is a firm belief of our program that all students can experience success in Music, regardless of prior learning experiences.

Students study a variety of genres and styles, including genres such as Pop & Rock Music, Film Music, Musical Theatre, Classical Music, Dance Music, Protest songs, Jazz, Blues and Rock’ n ’Roll.


As a medium sized school, students are afforded a personalised approach to their music education as well as more performance opportunities. Our students regularly perform in events such as community festivals, such as Nundah and Einbunpin Festivals, school music competitions, such as the Queensland Catholic Colleges’ Music Festival and Prestige Music Fest, and school events. In addition to this, our ensembles perform regularly at College events such as Open Day, Orientation Day, Night of Excellence, MacKillop Day, Year 12 Graduation and various other events. We also put on large scale events within the College such as musicals, Arts Showcase Evenings and Music Performance Nights. There are many opportunities for students to gain performing opportunities, both in and outside of ensembles, and students gain more opportunities due to the smaller size of the program.


Students are also encouraged to take initiative with their own music learning, by entering song writing competitions, starting their own musical groups and writing and recording their own music. Students are also encouraged to join outside groups and have been recommended for entry into ensembles such as Queensland Youth Orchestra ensembles, Young Conservatorium ensembles and the State Youth Honours Band. We do our best to offer a personalised, engaging program in which all students can excel.


You can find more about our instrumental lessons and music ensembles by contacting the college.