Lived Faith


​We are hope-fulled and faith-filled people. God is intimately present in all that there is. God is love - the source of infinite hope. Faith and life are an integral part of a whole. At Mary MacKillop College we provide an education founded in faith - 'my faith is my light.'

At Mary MacKillop College, the complementary nature of the Religious Life of the School and the Learning and Teaching of Religious Education reflects the Brisbane Catholic Education Model for Religious Education. The interrelated focus is on teaching people religion and teaching people to be religious. It is strongly connected to Catholic Christian teaching, the MacKillop Vision, and Josephite traditions. There is the acknowledgment of the multi-faith context of the community that reflects an ecumenical contemporary culture. This is embedded in the Religious Life of Mary MacKillop College and reflects a core tenet of the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning and Teaching Framework (2013). We aim to educate all to live the Gospel of Jesus. As informed learners, students seek to find meaning in the search for truth and do what is right.

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