Creative Endeavours



​Music at MMC has seen new opportunities and growth since Covid. With performance opportunities few and far between, Mary MacKillop College has afforded new ways of showcasing and celebrating the successes and creativity in the Music department.

Click here to watch the Concert Band perform​

Design Technology​

The need to foster creativity in schools has become a major focus over the past decade, after Ken Robinson’s Report “All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education” (1999 raised the issue of the lack of creativity in education. Here at Mary MacKillop College, we work to develop our student's creativity in many ways. Creativity in Design Technology requires students to think innovatively about a problem and consider many different viewpoints. From there students use a set of criteria to refine and evaluate the solutions, culminating in a 3D model and visual presentation of the design that best fulfills the criteria.


An Arts education is important in 21st-century learning, as it teaches creativity, collaboration, confidence, cultural awareness, empathy, and critical thinking. Through Drama, Media, Music, and Visual Art, students at Mary MacKillop College engage in lessons, experiences, and opportunities where they can explore their creativity and develop transferable 21st-century skills.

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