Educational Philosophy & Aims

All phases of schooling at Mary MacKillop College are underpinned by Brisbane Catholic Education's Learning and Teaching Framework and The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration (2019). The Alice Springs (Mparntwe – pronounced as 'M-ban-tua') Education Declaration sets the national vision for education for all Australians and notes two goals:

  1. The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity.
  2. All young Australians become:
  • Confident and creative individuals
  • Successful lifelong learners
  • Active and informed members of the community

Curriculum design and delivery at Mary MacKillop College is grounded in the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration and is mindful of the declaration's goals. In alignment with the declaration, which promotes excellence and equity, we support students to achieve high standards and provide structures and adjusted strategies that enable equitable learning experiences. This is achieved within a faith-filled learning environment in which we are committed to supporting students to become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners and active and informed members of the community.

Our learning environment is based on the charism of Mary MacKillop and the Josephite traditions in which we value spirit, courage, integrity, service, unity and wisdom and the daily living of Gospel values. We value every child as a learner and understand that all children learn in different ways and at different rates.