Academic Excellence


The diverse curriculum offered at Mary MacKillop College is a student-centered, inclusive curriculum following the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework, Queensland statutory authority documents, and the ACARA Australian Curriculum.

We strive to create learning opportunities that will engage students to take responsibility for their own thinking and learning so they can become resilient, self-directed learners, ensuring students have the qualities that enable them to contribute to our ever-changing global context in a meaningful and positive way. Academic excellence and good vocational outcomes characterise the framework of academic care that ensures each student is on task and has support in her aspirations.​

At Mary MacKillop College we:

  • ​Foster student engagement in creative and critical thinking skills which extend their knowledge and equip them with learning that has value beyond the school

  • Develop reflective, self-directed learners who are confident and faith-filled to embrace their place in the world

  • Promote collaborative and empathetic learners where students think and work independently valuing individual differences and positive and constructive feedback from their teachers and peers

  • Work in partnership with parents to build persons of the community who honour diversity and live in a just and inclusive manner

  • Value innovators, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens. ​

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