Habits of Mind

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The Habits of Mind form a central element within learning at Mary MacKillop College. The Habits of Mind emerged through the Dimensions of Learning framework. This is an approach to teaching and learning that sees the development of thinking skills as a core function of education.  Student demonstration of the Habits of Mind is celebrated each year at our Night of Excellence with prestigious awards being presented to those students who have consistently demonstrated productive Habits of Mind.

The original Habits of Mind included: Critical Thinking Habits, Creative Thinking Habits and Self-regulated Thinking Habits.

 ​​Critical Thinking 

  • Be accurate and seek accuracy

  • Be clear and seek clarity

  • Maintain an open mind 

  • Restrain impulsivity  

  • Take a position when the situation warrants it 

  • Respond appropriately to others’ feelings and level of knowledge


Creative Thinking 

  • Persevere

  • Push the limits of your knowledge and abilities

  • Generate, trust and maintain your own standards of evaluation

  • Generate new ways of viewing situations that are outside the boundaries of standard conventions


Self-Regulated Thinking 

  • Monitor your own thinking
  • Plan appropriately
  • Identify and use necessary resources
  • Respond appropriately to feedback
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your actions