Learning Enrichment

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The role of Learning Enrichment at Mary Mackillop College is to add value to the learning of every student. The Learning Enrichment team works collaboratively with teachers, parents and students to provide support for student with specific learning needs as well as offering services to all students who want to improve any aspect of their learning experience.

The goal of Learning Enrichment is to help students take full advantage of their time at the College. Assistance, guidance and advice are provided to students to help them make their learning experience fuller and more meaningful so that they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Members of the Learning Enrichment team work collaboratively with teachers, students and parents to maximise learning opportunities for all students and provide support strategies for students with special needs to ensure inclusive practice.

 The kind of enrichment available includes:

• Literacy and Numeracy development
• Assistance with English when it is not the first language of the student
• Assistance with assignments and assessment tasks including:
                 *Time management and organisation
                 *Interpreting task requirements
                 *Planning, researching and presenting
• Providing exam support for students needing special considerations
• Providing resources and access to assistive devices

Enrichment services may be provided through:

• In-class support
• Individual and small group tutorial
• Homework Help group in the library after school
• Development and delivery of alternative curriculum
• Consultation and collaboration with subject teachers

The Learning Enrichment Team is also responsible for:

• Development and implementation of Individual Student Plans for students with a verification for a disability or disorder
• Development and review of Education Adjustment Profile for verified students
• Liaising with community organisations which provide services for students