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MMC Sport Motto. Move. Mentor. Challenge.

Move. Everyday.

Mentor.  Share our knowledge, sportswomanship and love of sport with our peers.

Challenge.  Challenge yourself and don't be afraid.  Sport is for everybody.  Give it a go.

MMC provides an extensive sport program at no additional cost.  Many of the sports offered are run by experienced, professional organisations which have a focus on skill development, offer pathways outside of school and of course, instil fun to support the retention of girls in sport.  ​

All sport at MMC is open to every student, regardless of their abilities and experience. We cater for those students who have experience and wish to progress further, to those who are completely new to the sport and wish to learn the basics, as well as those students who just want to keep fit!

MMC sport is about including as many students as possible, to make physical activity a normal part of daily life and we are here to provide as many opportunities as we can to support our​ girls on this journey.


AFLSeason basedCoached by MMC
AthleticsElite Track & Field and Cross Country Program Coached by Brenton Wilson Athletics
BasketballSpecialist Program
Coached by Northside Wizards
CheerSpecialised Cheer Development ProgramInstructed by Athena Cheer Academy
CricketSeason basedCoached by MMC
Cross Country
Elite Track & Field and Cross Country ProgramCoached by Brenton Wilson Athletics
HockeySeason basedCoached by MMC
MMC Fitness ClubWeekly Classes Coached by MMC
NetballSeason basedCoached by MMC
SoccerSpecialist ProgramCoached by Football Star Academy
Strength & ConditionWeekly ClassesInstructed by Iconz Training
SwimmingMMC Swim Club Specialist ProgramCoached by Nudgee College Swimming
TennisSpecialist ProgramCoached by Tennisgear Shaw Park
Touch FootballSeason basedCoached by MMC and Brothers Rugby
VolleyballSpecialist ProgramCoached by Ingrid Rodini​