House Value: Compassion

House Image: Hearts of Compassion

House Mascot: The Frog

House Colour: Green

House Day: 21 May (the anniversary of Irene McCormack’s death)

McCormack House is named after Sister Irene McCormack, a Sister of St Joseph who left the comforts of Australia and went to work with the less fortunate in Peru, providing them with food and spiritual comfort. Through her hard work, she forged friendships and overcame many obstacles. This sense of self-determination and a willingness to help those less fortunate was at the core of Mary MacKillop’s vision. Both women believed that human dignity was to be treasured. 

McCormack House embraces Compassion through:
•  Courage
•  Justice
•  Integrity

Members of McCormack House are united in embracing the vibrancy of their combined energies to highlight their integrity, justice, and courage. 

The House colour is green symbolising growth, imagination, focus, a constant desire for, and regeneration of new life, relentless love, empathy, humility, and compassion. In the Church calendar, green is representative of new life. The House mascot is the Frog “Macca”, symbolic of our endurance, persistence, energy, speed, strength, and determination.


McCormack Prayer

God of justice, 

We pray for all people like Irene who make a radical commitment to serve the poor.

 We pray for all in McCormack House and ask Irene to pray to God for us

 that we may know deep in our being God’s dream for us and share in her courage, commitment ​and love. 


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