Mary MacKillop College's model of student leadership is defined as students taking responsibility for contributing in a positive way to their own and other people's lives within the Mary MacKillop Community and beyond. In the example and tradition of Mary MacKillop, every student is given the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in one or more of a number of different ways. 

Mary MacKillop College encourages students to learn and practice many forms of leadership; however, Servant and Relational Leadership are particularly important within the context of Mary MacKillop College, as it reflects the example of Mary MacKillop, herself.  

Year 7 – 12 students are encouraged to be involved in committee, House, and Justice activities.

House-supporting student services with a focus on House values, activities, peer mentoring, and peer support.

Committees - supporting the academic life of the College, promoting stewardship and environmental care of the earth; encouraging involvement in sporting activities, and promoting cultural and artistic events.

Justice - supporting the faith life of the College and focusing on social justice initiatives and projects.

​Year 12 students have the opportunity to be appointed to a  position on the College's Student Leadership Team (SLT). 

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