Pastoral Care


Mary MacKillop College was founded on the traditions of Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph, affectionately known as Josephites. Pastoral Care is the cornerstone of a Catholic Josephite education and as such is embedded in all aspects of College life. It is about quality relationships and it aims to provide our young women with a sense of belonging; an understanding and awareness of themselves and their potential; respect for their community and an opportunity to become active participants in their development.

At Mary MacKillop College, Pastoral Care incorporates the monitoring and tracking of each young woman’s academic results including her application and attendance. At the College, the emotional and social well-being of our young women is the responsibility of the Pastoral Care Team which is committed to teaching and modelling the values which characterise a Christian community. This team -Deputy Principal - Students, Heads of House, Guidance Counsellor, Careers Counsellor, Learning Enrichment, works in partnership with the House Group Teachers to help each young woman feel connected and supported in her intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

The House Group Teacher is a very important part of the Pastoral Care structure and is the connection between home and school.  The House Group Teacher meets with the young women on a daily basis to work on helping them to become responsible, independent women who are able to achieve and maintain quality relationships.

Parents are encouraged to make contact with the House Group Teacher, the Heads of House or members of the Pastoral Care Team to discuss any concern their daughter encounters.  It is important that every young woman at Mary MacKillop College feels safe, valued and respected.

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