Guidance Counsellor


Mary MacKillop College provides counselling services for our young women and their families. Counselling services are integral in providing a safe community and in supporting the well-being of our community. The College Counsellor is an important member of the Pastoral Team working collaboratively with the Heads of Houses and Learning Attainment staff to provide individual and group support.​

Most students in high school are considered to be able to provide their own informed consent and brochures are available with more details from the Guidance Counsellors.  The information discussed in counselling sessions is kept private and confidential; however, there are limits to this confidentiality.  Information may be shared if there are concerns about a risk of harm or as a legal requirement.  Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection processes will be followed.

Counselling support can be accessed through referrals from teachers, families or students.  Requests for an appointment may be made through Student Services either via phone, or email or students may visit the Student Services office to request an appointment.

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